Let’s start at the beginning. Cégkapu is an official storage space provided to business organisations. This storage serves for keeping contact with Official Authorities. The reason why the launch of Cégkapu became necessary is that Cégkapu relates directly to business organisations, while Ügyfélkapu is for private individuals.

These deadlines are important:

2017.08.30 – The deadline of the registration.

2017.12.01 – The storage starts working.

2017.12.31 – Moratorium to register.

2018.01.01 – Obliged to use the system.


What are the most important questions?

  1. Which companies have to use Cégkapu?
    All those organisations need to register who mentioned in the Act on Civil Procedure. Unfortunately civil organisations are also included.
  2. Do private entrepreneurs need to register?
    No, they still keep in touch with the authorities on Ügyfélkapu.

  3. Is this the staff of accountants?
    Since the registration has to be done through the managing director’s own ügyfélkapu, it cannot be the accountant’s role.
  4. How to describe it to the older generation?
    The introduction of ABEV also shocked us in 2006, but we survived it. Try to explain them that today it is normal to use these kind of assets.